Yellow, Spirit, and Yoga

Quote on spirit, yellow flowers meme

We. started the day with frappuccino
To bribe my daughter, to get up and go
For if I didn't,  she'd get up late
I was inpatient, I could not wait

I took her to my favorite restaurant
To have a brunch and save us lunch
And then we shopped until we dropped
Back home we went, and had a chat

"Let's do some yoga," she suddenly asked
I was surprised that she have asked
For a long time I offered and she just laughed
Now she was the one preparing the mats

Step by step we posed together
Following the video in the computer
That sure felt good to pose with her
It lightened our spirits and pain right after

Monday Mellow Yellow
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Resources for Nurses

nurse OK, nurse resources, nurse blog

"Carin-approved" sites

Here's a partial list of resources I use.  I will add some more in the future.

  1. American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)
  2. Arterial Blood Gas--ABG Calculator
  3. EdX -- ACLS online
  4. Medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Notes
  5. Ebola Virus Disease Resources
Do you have valuable nursing resources that may be added here?

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1 Fiction: A Frothy Day

Sunday scribbling, lady massaging neck, challenges quote
Giving self massage at home because 
I neither have the money nor the time 
for a professional massage.

Nurse Weekly Stories
1 Fiction: A Frothy Day

Join us  in Sunday Scribblings 2. The prompt word this week is froth or frothy.

“Is it cream?”
“No,” I screamed.
“It's a froth, oh Darn.”

The cardiac monitor was alarming. I rushed into little Ken's room. He was my 20-year old patient in the intensive care unit trapped in a small-10-year-old-size body. He had a lifetime problem of seizures that was pretty much controlled until lately.

His sitter, one of our staff, was pertaining to his secretion that looked like he had some foam coming out of his mouth.

“He is seizing,” I continued. While suctioning his mouth, I signaled nurse Carrie to come in the room. She hurried in asking what she could do.

“Get me ativan.”

Little Ken stopped seizing after I gave the Ativan. He had his eyes closed when his father walked in.

“I brought his liquid medical marijuana,” dad said.

I heard about it before that it was one of his home medication approved by his neurologist, a neurologist who did not have privileges in our hospital.

I looked at him without saying a word.

“It really works,” he continued.

If so,  why is your son here? I was just thinking.

“Dr. Sullivan said it is okay for me to continue giving it to him . . . It has to be refrigerated.”

“I can give you some ice for it but I cannot put the medicine out it in the common refrigerator where visitors of other patients can have access. And you know, you have to wait until he is awake before you put drops in his mouth, right?”

The unit was busy. Thankfully, my other patient did not keep me so busy that I had the time to help other nurses. One patient was delirious and had to be tightly restrained on his wrists. His sedation medications were discontinued because the doctors wanted him to wake up more to be ready for extubation. He was trashing in bed. Nurse Mary and I repositioned him a hundred times so he did not fall out of bed. Okay, not a hundred times, but close.

Her other patient, Paige, was in extreme pain screaming. We gave all the pain meds ordered with no relief. I called the neurosurgical resident, Dr. Samantha Plum, to help the patient (and Mary). I asked her to come and see the patient right away as she had severe headache after craniotomy and screaming her lungs out. Her agony was so loud I had to close the sliding doors of rooms nearby.

“She has to wait. I am busy and she's not in a life-or death situation.”

*sigh* It would probably take a while before we see Dr. Plum.

Surprised, I saw her walking the hallway within five minutes. She went straight to me asking if I was the one who called.

“It is not okay that you called me like that. It is not an emergency . . . You did not even tell me who you are, the patient's diagnosis, the room number . . . and screaming her lungs out is not a medical term “

“I told you who I was. I said hi, this is Carin calling about the patient in 6701, Paige Ball, status post crani . . . I never said it is an emergency“

She seemed to have an answer to whatever I said, then I realized we were acting like kids and and we were going nowhere. 

Pride set aside, I gave in and said, “Sorry, doctor, I called in desperation. I just want to help the patient, and Mary, the nurse assigned to her. Will you go and see the patient?”

She headed to the room as Paige just started screaming again. 

Dr. Plum ordered medications I suggested, plus more, as needed. 

It was now around three pm. Jolly Shelly was going around asking if anyone wanted anything from Starbucks. She was my saviour.

“Oh yes,” I said, “I want a Grande chocolaty, frothy, drink with a triple dose of sugar.”

This was my cup of “happy” this shift, a cup of happiness I could buy and afford.


To my surprise for the second time, Dr. Plum apologized to me for not hearing me clearly earlier when I sat next to her while she was charting. It was the only chair available.

I think it was more like, she was not listening, but she was now. Besides, patient Paige's pain was finally relieved, and I was joyfully sipping my cup of "happiness." Those things are what matters. 

Little Ken did not have anymore seizures, before and after dad gave him doses of marijuana. I did not agree with the Marijuana. It was not officially ordered that Ken could have it, but maybe it helped?


I accepted the challenges today and had some victories.

At the end of the shift, I went home thinking about my frothy day. I put my pink robe on and started rolling my back with a massage stick. 

Oh, that feels painfully good.

Relaxing Thankfuls

reasons to be thankful, collage of simple things to be thankful

My list of gratitude this week are the following:

  1. A fresh footlong sub
  2. A smile from a surprised birthday girl
  3. A Starbucks imitation coffee
  4. A good-sounding ear phones
  5. A dishwasher detergent
  6. Trophies and prizes for the fitness challenge winners
  7. Whipped cream
  8. Chocolate sauce
  9. My sweet dog
  10. A new massage stick

A fresh turkey sandwich From a famous sandwich shop Served in warm, crunchy bread A delicious footlong sub The smile from a friends face On her surprise birthday party She just turned sixty She looks great and so happy A homemade creamy coffee To satisfy my taste buds I was craving for Starbucks But refused spending 4 bucks The good little earphones While I go around the house Helps me take my early music Without cranking the stereo up A power cleaner I bought For my dishwasher last week Saves me some time scrubbing And saves more than few minutes The prizes my group provided For the teams that have won From fitness challenge we sponsored That made the exercises fun The whipped cream and chocolate sauce I looked up online Made home latte possible They made my drinks so fine My sweet velvety dog Who cuddles with me Keeps me warm and loved When I'm with nobody A massage stick so cheap I bought from the store Was perfect for rolling On my muscles that's sore

Ttot banner, then things of thankful

Green Flowers and Smoothie

green smoothie, green flowers

Green flowers with silky petals Are lovely to look at They are so cheap, they're just five bucks For the joy they bring, that's not too much Another "green" I like this morning Was my sweet good-old-green-smoothie I offered some to my dear honey He said, "sorry," he was not that hungry

Paul does not like my green smoothies no matter what fruit I mix the greens with. I don't understand. :)
Friday Greens